Look of Love

Communication through eye contact is one of the most personal, palpable, and sought after human sensations. Manifesting the Look of Love is a proposed design service that creates highly personalized objects designed by this intimate form of communication. The service allows couples to mark significant intervals in their relationship with the creation of a completely unique artifact, directly formed by how they see one another. The gaze of each couple is mapped using custom eye-tracking technology, and the resulting data is transformed into a physical object through parametric modeling tools and digital fabrication processes. These objects are realized in the material traditionally mapped to the length of the lovers' relationship.

Pictured are objects in Paper (1 year anniversary), Willow (9 years), Tin (10 years), Porcelain (20 years), and Silver (25 years).

In collaboration with Haelo Design, Sanaz Sohrabi, and Miguel Perez.

Exhibited at the Second Istanbul Design Biennial.